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Corporate Finance

How We Help Clients
Cash is the life blood for your business; and your short-term & long-term business growth is pegged on how well you manage your finances. Our finance gurus come in to help your team develop a strong finance system, manage your liquidity prudently & make long-term investment decisions judiciously.
More corporate finance services:

Working Capital Management

We structure effective cash flow management strategies to help you meet your short-term financial obligations without straining & efficiently manage your business cash cycle.

Capital Structuring & Budgeting

We align the debt & equity capital mix for your business with your strategic business goals and develop investment appraisal tools that optimize your long-term investment decisions.
Featured Insights
The Rise & Fall of the London Interbank Offer Rate (LIBOR)
Reference rates are critical to the financial system. They are the benchmarks that lenders and borrowers refer to when setting the interest rates on credit. They also form the backbone of interest rate derivatives such as interest rate swaps and futures. The London Interbank Offer Rate (LIBOR) has been the reference rate for over 400...
Fie Consult LLP International Tax Watch: Public Consultation Document on Pillar One Amount B
The Organization for Corporation and Economic Development (OECD) published a consultation document on Pillar One Amount B on 8th December 2022 with a deadline on 25th January 2023. The Amount B is intended to standardize the remuneration of distributors (Subsidiary or permanent establishment) that buy products from related party for resale by using the separate...
Navigating Kenya’s 2022 Elections & Covid-19 Risks:  A CFO’s Guide
Sustainable business growth is nurtured in a peaceful and productive environment for capital multiplication and market expansion to accommodate additional capital investments. A company’s capital multiplier comes from its retained earnings or from capital gains for its shares; which are two key value creation drivers that are closely linked with prevailing business environment conditions. Since...