Transaction Advisory & Management Consulting for Africa

We combine our deep understanding of local economies and business dynamics; with our global expertise and networks to deliver bespoke solutions to our clients.

01Equity and debt fundraising processes made easier, faster & professional across Africa

We develop your investor documents, support in due diligence & engage investors until funding is secured.

02Customer-centric and insights driven business growth planning for African markets

We develop customer-centric growth strategies supported by actionable milestones for immediate implementation.

03Organizational design and tailored operations streamlining for business agility

We help you to build a thriving organisational culture that is people centred and adaptive to the changing market dynamics.

Transaction Advisory & Management Consulting for Africa

We are a vibrant team of innovative and agile professionals infusing sustainable growth to businesses across Africa.

Fie-Consult is an Africa focused transaction advisory and management consulting firm based in and working out of Africa. We combine our deep understanding of local economies and business dynamics; with our global expertise and networks to deliver bespoke solutions to our clients.

Financial modelling & investor documents preparation
Due diligence, M&A and investment deals structuring support
Growth and Go To Market strategies development
Organizational design & operations streamlining

Mergers & Acquisitions

Climate Finance

Corporate Finance

Public Private Partnerships

Climate Action

By 2020, climate change had already caused economic losses estimated at 2-4% of African countries’ GDP. African nations are estimated to require around $3 trillion to implement climate adaptation and mitigation strategies by 2030. The urgency of addressing climate change has reached a critical point, reshaping the business landscape across industries.

We support our clients to structure sustainable & circular business models, facilitate access to innovative climate finance alternatives including carbon credits to scale their operations, develop & implement ESG strategies as well as conduct ESG compliance reviews & audits

International Trade

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) unites 54 member countries, spanning a population of 1.3 billion and a combined GDP of $3.4 trillion. It aims to reduce tariffs on 90% of intra-Africa trade, offering significant prospects for economic integration, industrialization, and job growth across the continent.

We guide businesses through the complexities of cross-border trade regulations, market entry strategies, and supply chain optimization across African markets. We also facilitate access to trade finance, consult on trade policy/agreements implementation as well as conduct cross-boarder trade risk assessments & develop tailored mitigation measures.

International Tax

The intricate international tax landscape in Africa reflects diverse economies and regulations, posing complexity as businesses expand across borders. Effective management of cross-border transactions in line with evolving international tax laws is indispensable for achieving successful market growth and enduring financial strategies across Africa.

Our seasoned tax professionals specialize in international tax strategies, helping businesses optimize their tax structures across borders. We support our clients to structure their cross-boarder tax obligations in an efficient manner, while maintaining compliance to transfer pricing guidelines across different jurisdictions for business transactions and investment structuring for FDIs, M&As, JVs and SPVs

Project Management In African Markets

Successful projects are premised on the ability to pay keen attention on individual components; while still focused on the overall project objectives.

Our project managers support you in project design, implementation management, monitoring & evaluation and in financial/narrative reporting as needed.