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Corporate Innovation

How We Help Clients
To survive & grow in the current dynamic & globally inter-connected markets; your business needs to adapt to new trends fast and cost -effectively. We come in to stimulate an innovation culture in your business & co-design continuous improvements for your products, processes & business model.
More corporate innovation services:

Operations Management

We restructure your business processes to eliminate inefficiencies and align your internal activities with your customer needs to serve them better & improve performance

Supply Chain Management

We streamline your supply chain processes into an integrated & seamless flow of activities that eliminates bottlenecks and seal leakages along your business value chain

Corporate Governance

We support you to create an optimal organizational structure and develop strong internal control systems that enhance transparency & performance appraisal within your business.
Featured Insights
The Rise of Dark Kitchens In The Online Food Ordering Sector
Traditional restaurant sector has historically suffered very thin margins on its menus. Customers hardly order the high margins foods as they are quite expensive. This has left  majority of the customer segment ordering the more affordable options provided, leaving the restaurants with about a 7 Р22% profit margins. The global food industry is estimated...
Circular Economy Basics: A Case Of The Fashion Industry
A circular economy, according to UNCTAD, entails markets that incentivize reusing products rather than scrapping them and extracting new resources. It promotes the reuse and recycling and the sustainable use of natural resources, offering an alternative that could generate $4.5 trillion in economic benefits globally by 2030. In such an economy, all types of waste,...
Business Model Innovation: A Case of Shopping Malls in Kenya
The concept of a shopping mall with large department stores originated in the United States and aimed at creating a community-based environment for shopping and leisure. Families and friends would visit malls to enjoy the scenery and products offered by the various brands that occupy the spaces. A mall would attract customers if it was...