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Tax Advisory

How We Help Clients
Full tax compliance is a complex undertaking; while a heavy tax burden can slow down your business growth. Our tax experts dive into your operations & help to put the right systems in place for tax compliance; as well as structure your finances to minimize your tax burden.
More tax advisory services:

Operations Management

We restructure your business processes to eliminate inefficiencies and align your internal activities with your customer needs to serve them better & improve performance

Supply Chain Management

We streamline your supply chain processes into an integrated & seamless flow of activities that eliminates bottlenecks and seal leakages along your business value chain

Corporate Governance

We support you to create an optimal organizational structure and develop strong internal control systems that enhance transparency & performance appraisal within your business.
Featured Insights
The Nexus Around International Legal Framework And Transfer Pricing Approach
According to Finnerty in 2007, International tax law framework has been used to indicate a set of rules that affect the tax treatment of cross-border operations. This set of rules is constituted primarily by domestic tax rules, whose application is generally limited by double tax treaties and other international law instruments. In Kenya for instance,...
Bilateral Advance Pricing Arrangement (BAPA) Process Overview
BAPA process has been well elaborated and articulated in the Bilateral Advance Pricing Arrangement Manual. However, it only acts as a guidance on the best practices to approach the process and should not be construed as an advice but an awareness on the whole spectrum. The following stages has been suggested to guide the BAPA...
Emerging Digital Assets And Their Adaptation to Tax Regimes
In the advent of globalization, new emerging business models have developed in the last 10 years with the recent developments heavily experienced in the financial products and intermediaries such as Decentralized Finance (DeFi). At the same time jurisdictions globally are concerned about the potential growth of digital economy and the risks associated with reduced transparency...