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Transaction Advisory

How We Help Clients
Raising external funding can be a winding, tiring & frustrating process; especially when your business needs urgent capital injection. Our transaction advisors offload the burden from you and develop investor documents, support in due diligence & engage investors until the funding is secured.
More transaction advisory services:

Sell Side Deal Advisory

We prepare your business for investment through an in-depth business analysis, developing financial models & valuations, deal structuring and term sheet negotiations & strategy.

Buy Side Deal Advisory

Investors & development partners seek out expertise in market mapping across Sub Saharan Africa, pre-selecting & screening potential targets and conducting due diligence.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We identify strategic targets for M&A, conduct due diligence and develop strategies to capitalize on your synergies & increase your competitive edge within your industry.

Investment Strategy

DFIs, NGOs and public sector agencies seek our expertise in design & roll out of development projects, impact investment strategies, fund structuring & market mapping.