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Transaction Advisory

How We Help Clients
Raising external funding can be a winding, tiring & frustrating process; especially when your business needs urgent capital injection. Our transaction advisors offload the burden from you and develop investor documents, support in due diligence & engage investors until the funding is secured.
More transaction advisory services:

Sell Side Deal Advisory

We prepare your business for investment through an in-depth business analysis, developing financial models & valuations, deal structuring and term sheet negotiations & strategy.

Buy Side Deal Advisory

Investors & development partners seek out expertise in market mapping across Sub Saharan Africa, pre-selecting & screening potential targets and conducting due diligence.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We identify strategic targets for M&A, conduct due diligence and develop strategies to capitalize on your synergies & increase your competitive edge within your industry.

Investment Strategy

DFIs, NGOs and public sector agencies seek our expertise in design & roll out of development projects, impact investment strategies, fund structuring & market mapping.
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Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Structure In PPPs & The Stakeholders Involved
Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) are always structured as Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) for reasons outlined in our previous article on the Fundamentals of PPPs. An SPV’s financial performance is analyzed on its own merit, it carries its own risks and it does not affect other investments made by the parties who have invested in it....