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Development Sector

How We Help Clients
We provide transaction advisory services for businesses raising funding and investors seeking to deploy capital; as well as structure & advice on mergers and acquisitions.


We develop & support you to implement sustainable business growth strategies aligned with the prevailing market conditions in your sector and projected macro-economic trends.

Corporate Innovation

We design & support management to implement corporate innovation initiatives to build scalable business models that address the dynamic customer needs in your sector.

Organization Design

We support management to restructure & reorganize business operations to build a thriving organizational culture that is people centred and growth oriented.

Operations & Supply Chains

We develop innovative and customized solutions to streamline your internal operations and supply chain processes and enhance efficiency in delivering value to your customers.

Projects Management

We support you in project design, implementation management, monitoring & evaluation and in reporting both from a financial reports perspective as well as narrative reports.

Corporate Finance

We support your finance team to develop a strong finance system, optimize your capital structure, manage your liquidity prudently & make long-term investment decisions judiciously.

Tax Advisory

We support you to put the right business systems & processes in place for tax compliance; as well as restructure your operations and financial transactions to improve your tax efficiency.
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Developing of Capital Markets in Ethiopia: Tracing the Origins
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